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Melatonin Solution for Androgenetic Hair Loss

In a clinical study topical melatonin helped regrow hair in women with thinning hair.

A potent antioxidant hormone naturally produced in hair follicles and other body sites, melatonin helps regulate many physiological processes. It also helps with wound healing and DNA repair, and is involved in androgen signaling mechanisms.10

Melatonin supplements are effective for relieving insomnia, which could help the body naturally regulate cortisol levels. Chronic high levels of cortisol due to stress can lead to adrenal gland dysfunction and endocrine or metabolic disorders (e.g., obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes ). All of these conditions can create a poorly regulated androgen hormone environment that contributes to hair loss. 30, 37, 207

Topically applied, a 1% melatonin solution can help regrow hair in women with female pattern and diffuse hair loss. A 6-month clinical study showed that it significantly increased anagen growth rate over placebo. 10

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