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Warnings for Men and Women Using Finasteride or Dutasteride

Pregnant women must not use or handle certain hair loss drugs.

Do NOT use if pregnant or planning on a pregnancy. Both of the 5α-reductase inhibitors used to treat hair loss (finasteride and dutasteride) can cause serious birth defects if taken by women while pregnant. In fact, they are so potent and the time it takes to degrade in the human body so long that doctors recommend that a woman who has taken 5α-reductase enzyme inhibitors continue to use birth control for at least six months after stopping finasteride treatment and before becoming pregnant. Dutasteride should not be used at all by women capable of pregnancy because the risk of birth defect may continue for years.22

Labels on both drugs warn that women who are pregnant should not handle these medications. They advise that any pregnant woman who comes into contact with a broken or otherwise damaged capsule of either finasteride or dutasteride wash the area immediately with soap and water and to notify their health provider.81, 197

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