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Ovarian Anti-Androgens for Hair Loss

Birth control pills may help counteract androgen hormones linked to female pattern hair loss.

In women, oral contraception pills (OCPs) for preventing pregnancy as well as other systemic ovarian suppression drugs (often used in combination with OCPs) can be used to counteract androgen activity in female pattern hair loss. Some dermatologists recommend OCPs that contain non-androgenic progestins, such as Yasmin® and Ortho-Cyclen®, for those hair-loss patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.15

Non-OCP drugs include:15, 30

OCPs and non-OCPs inhibit the secretion of testosterone and DHT by the ovaries. They also increase levels of sexual hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which helps by binding free testosterone and limiting its activity.15, 30

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Produced in the pituitary gland gonadotrophs, luteinizing hormone triggers testosterone production by the ovaries and testes.
Excess hair growth in areas atypical for females (e.g., face, chest, and back).