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Whole grains, rice, and barley are good dietary sources of silica.

Silica is a necessary mineral for hair growth. The recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily, or 50 mg/day of silicon. 222

Dietary Sources of Silica

  • Barley 2
  • Leafy greens 2
  • Rice 2
  • Whole grains 2

Physiological Effects and Benefits of Silica

  • Necessary ingredient in hair shaft formation ; stimulates hair growth and scalp circulation. 2
  • In a randomized, controlled study using 50 mg/day of orthosilicic acid supplements, silicon significantly improved hair strength. Other studies suggest it can increase hair thickness, and low silica content in hair may be associated with effluvium in females. 10, 47
  • In a small 3 month clinical trial, 12 women with telogen effluvium were given daily Nanosilicium© supplements (15.9 mg/day). At the end of the study, over 83% of the participants experienced reduced hair loss. 230
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Silicon dioxide.
Equal to 10 mg of silicon.