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Biotin is essential for hair health.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and vitamin H. The recommended dosage of this essential nutrient is 30-100 mcg/day for healthy hair. 2

Dietary Sources of Biotin

  • Almonds 45
  • American cheese 45
  • Avocado 45
  • Cheddar cheese 45
  • Egg yolks 38
  • Meat 37
  • Mushrooms 45
  • Pecans 45
  • Salmon 45
  • Soybeans 37
  • Strawberries 45
  • Sweet potatoes 45
  • Walnuts 45

Physiological Effects and Benefits of Biotin

  • Animal studies suggest biotin is necessary for the proliferation of hair follicle cells. 224
  • Metabolizes fatty acids essential for hair health. 225
  • Sulfur-bearing molecule225
  • In a clinical study to see if biotin could effectively improve brittle nails, over 75% of the female participants who also were experiencing telogen effluvium reported improvement in their hair while taking 2.5 mg/day of biotin. 39
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Sulfur-based amino acid cystine is a major component of hair.