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Hair Loss Camouflage Sprays

Disguise thinning hair with sprays that make hair appear fuller and thicker.

Spray-on hair? Well, not exactly. Spray-on hair products for hair loss are actually just color and thickening sprays designed to mask balding by integrating color and added texture into your remaining hair. If used correctly, these sprays can actually work well at covering bald-spots and giving the hair an over-all appearance of increased fullness.266

One way sprays claim to increase the width and visibility of thinning hairs near bald spots is through a bonding agent which is similar in color to the remaining hair on the head. These agents may be able to increase hair shaft widths by up to three-fold their original size.267

Camouflaging sprays cover hair loss by covering balding areas, lifting the base of the hair shaft, and adding volume to the existing hair through hair-building fibers called keratin. Most are well-suited for mild to moderate hair loss, are water-proof, and do not rub off easily. These products can be easily removed by shampooing, and are compatible with topical minoxidil.266

At the very least, the sprays can offer cosmetic relief to the men and women suffering from hair loss, an affliction that can lead to stressful psychological effects.266 Hair cover-up products can look extremely natural, depending on how you apply it and the extent to your hair loss. Often used in conjunction with hair loss treatments, sprays can help you feel more confident as you wait for hair to grow in.268

One reputable spray product is Toppík™ Composed of keratin fibers that bind to the thinning areas of the scalp, Toppík™ works well for those with little to moderate hair loss, and is useful for people who are going through hair transplants (after the recipient sites have healed).268

Not sure of your skill in spraying on a camouflage product? COUVRé™ Masking Lotion, one of the first hair-masking products on the market, might be a good choice for you. COUVRé™ has been used by makeup artists for theatre productions for years, and is applied with a sponge applicator to the scalp to mask hair loss underneath thinning areas, reducing the contrast between the balding areas and the rest of your hair. It is also safe for use in conjunction with topical treatments for hair growth.268

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