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Pool-Proof Your Hair

Learn some ways to keep your hair safe from chlorine.

It's a lot of fun and good exercise to spend time in the pool, but the chlorine can dry out and damage your hair and add to or cause thinning hair. Here are a few tips to help pool-proof your summer hair and keep your hair healthy.

Stay a Head Above the Water

As much as possible, try to keep your head out of the water for the most significant hair protection. If you're just playing and not swimming laps, you can pile up your hair and keep it out of the chlorine.

Wear a Cap

This is the best way to protect your hair from chlorine in the pool. Gather it up and tuck it into a swim cap#AD. Not only will that keep your hair dry and out of the chlorine, but it may also make you faster if you're swimming laps.

Pre-Moisturize Your Hair

If you're not going to wear a swim cap, pre-moisturize your hair with a leave-in conditioner#AD. This can help protect the hair shafts from the drying effects of chlorine.

Wet Your Hair First

Before you get in a chlorinated pool, wet down your hair with non-chlorinated water. That should keep it from soaking up the chlorinated water as thirstily as dry hair would.

Hair Regrowth is Possible

Wash Your Hair as Soon as You Get Out

As soon as you're done swimming, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and then condition it. This will help remove as much chlorine as possible, so it has less time to sit there and negatively affect the hair shafts.

Hair Regrowth is Possible
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