Aromatherapy and Alternative Remedies for Stress Management

Aromatherapy can reduce stress, which may help prevent hair loss.

Pure essential oils and fragrances from flowers and herbs are used in aromatherapy for their calming and anti-depressive effects. They can be used in a warm bath, oil burners that gently heat the oil to release fragrance, candles, and soaps, or directly on the skin if diluted in a base oil. Sesame, coconut, and canola are good choices, and 12 drops of essential herbal/botanical oil should be used with each fluid ounce of the base oil.174

Aromatherapy is in keeping with the principles of Ayurveda traditional medicine which promote balancing elements in the whole body, including the mind, with natural herbs and botanicals. Modern clinical studies show that using aromatherapy with essential herbal oils can help reduce the adverse effects of anxiety, depression, and stress on hair.62, 66, 174

Experts recommend these botanical oils:62, 66

Table 42: Stress-Reducing Aromatherapy Herbal Oils
Lily 174
Bergamot 37
Lotus 174
Camphor 174
Mandarin 37
Cinnamon 174
Myrrh 174
Clary sage 174
Patchouli 174
Eucalyptus 174
Rose 174
Frankincense 174
Rosemary 174
Gardenia 174
Saffron 174
Jasmine 174
Sandalwood 174
Lavender 66, 174
Ylang-ylang 174

Try combining aromatherapy with stress-reducing activities, such as yoga or listening to soothing music, to maximize the benefit.174 Other ideas:

Clinical trials demonstrate the effectiveness of alleviating psychological stress related to hair loss. In fact, in one study patients with alopecia areata treated with hypnotherapy regrew most or all of their hair with only 3-8 sessions.122 You can find more ideas for stress relief at

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Recommended for vata doshas.
Recommended for pitta doshas.
Recommended for kapha doshas.