How Much Do Wigs Cost?

Understand how wigs are priced.

Wigs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price-ranges. Normally, the priciest wigs are made of 100% human hair. Wigs come in different quality-grades and prices, largely dependent on the country of origin, and whether or not the hair has been treated with preserving chemicals. 276

Generally natural hair wigs run from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. European “virgin” wigs, which have not been treated with chemicals, are natural in appearance, rare, and thus, the most costly. European hair is also known to be strong, with a pleasing, finer texture. Indian and Indonesian hair is also available, and is slightly less expensive than European hair. These wigs tend to be softer than Asian hair, and are often used for cranial prostheses and hair replacements. Natural hair from Asia is the third most expensive, and is the most common sources for human-hair wigs. These wigs have a courser texture, and may be chemically treated in an attempt to soften the hair.275

Lastly, wigs made from human hair mixed with animal hair, or those with only animal-hair, are the lowest-costing natural options, but can be less attractive, coarser and more challenging to maintain and clean. 276

Synthetic wigs are normally less expensive than human hair, and range in price from under $50 to over $300. Price is normally based on quality, and how real the wig looks and feels. Advances in science are now creating wigs that look and feel dramatically similar to human hair, although synthetic wigs have the disadvantage of being chemically-treated. You can also buy a 50/50 blend of both human and synthetic hair. This mixture offers the texture and life-span of human hair, with the durability and shape of synthetic hair. 275

Hair pieces, or toupee’s can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars, to the pricier custom models that can cost over $1000. 277

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