Care, Maintenance, and Styling of Wigs

Learn how to wash and style wigs.

It is important to understand how to wash, condition, and style both natural and synthetic wigs. Remember, a wig loses some of its life-span every time it is washed, so wash your wig with care and avoid heavy styling products that cause you to wash it more often. 271-273

First, to take care of a synthetic wig, make sure to regularly brush the wig gently, removing any tangles. Very curly wigs need less brushing. Longer wigs tend to become matted in the back, and will need to be tended to on a regular basis. Before brushing a synthetic wig, make sure to spray the wig with a wig lubricant spray. This will make brushing the wig easier, and will avoid tearing the hair. 271-273

To wash a synthetic wig, fill a sink with cool water. Do not use hot water, as high temperatures damage acrylic and other synthetic fibers. Pour 2 tablespoons of a high-quality wig shampoo into the sink and submerge the wig fully. Wig caps can also be washed in the same water to remove any styling products and sweat that has accumulated. Once the wig is fully wet, gently wash the wig for a minute with your hands. Leave the wig soaking in the soapy water for about 5 minutes before rinsing. 271-273

Rinse the wig until all soap is removed. Gently towel it dry for a minute and place on a rack or wig stand to dry completely (it is important that the wig is completely dry before wearing). Make sure not to wring the wig out as you would human hair since this can damage the fibers. Do not pull or stretch the hairs while drying. It is also a good idea to spray the wig with a wig conditioner to ensure a luxurious finish. 271-273

To style a synthetic wig, never use any heat-based electric appliances, as the heat can melt the wig and frizz the fibers. Synthetic wigs can be curled using dry sponge rollers, and left to air-dry on a wig stand. Also, when brushing and combing the wig, make sure to use a specially-designed wig comb or brush with soft rubber tips on the bristles. Never use a regular hairbrush on synthetic wigs. 271-273

Human hair wigs have the advantage of being more resistant to heat and washing, but need to be washed more often. It is important to wash the hair in a gentle fashion, using the same procedure as you would for a synthetic wig. Styling can be a little more rigorous with human hair as compared to synthetic wigs. You can use a curling iron, a hairdryer, regular brushes and styling tools, but realize that these tactics do damage the hair overtime. Make sure to use a low-heat setting when drying and curling, especially on thinner-hair wigs. You can style human-hair wigs with any products that you would use on normal hair, but be conservative in how much you use so you can avoid washing the wig more than once a week, as this will keep it shiny and luxurious for longer. If you care for your wig, human hair pieces can last up to three to four years. 274

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