Wig and Hair Piece Grading

How is the quality of hair pieces determined?

Look for gradings on the wigs to determine the strength, flexibility and porosity of the hair piece. Higher strength and elasticity ratings translate to a higher quality wig. In human hair wigs it is important to determine which group the hair came from – remi or non-remi. Remi hair indicates the cuticle of the hair is intact and the hair has been turned so that the root ends face the same direction since these results in less matting and tangling issues and creates a natural look and feel to the hair piece .273

Lesser quality wigs from the non-remi group are made from "fallen hair" that has been cut, has fallen out, or has been taken from brushes and combs. Fallen hair is lacking the cuticle, has not been turned and has a greater tendency towards matting and tangles. Fallen hair wigs are typically less expensive than "turned " hair wigs. 273

Finally, determine whether the hair has been chemically treated or colored. Normally, it is best to avoid hair that has been treated with metallic dyes, although these wigs tend to be less expensive than naturally-colored hair.273

Standard wigs are composed of hair attached to a cap. Caps are either fitted, or come with adjustable tabs that allow the user to loosen or tighten the circumference of the wig to their desired head shape. Normally, when considering a long-term wig or hair-piece, it is important to have a customized fitting done. This ensures that the hair piece feels comfortable and secure for the wearer. It also allows the user to wear the most natural-looking wig possible. A good wig stylist can measure the head to determine the best wig size for the user. The stylist will also be able to trim the wig and make style adjustments for a more personalized look. This may include trimming the bangs, adding curls, thinning or thickening the hair, adding highlights, low-lights, color, or even perming the wig. 274

When considering a hair piece or wig, one must also take into consideration whether they should purchase a natural-hair or synthetic wig. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both human hair pieces, synthetic pieces, as well as the mixture of both. 272, 274

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