How to Use Toppik™ to Make Fine or Thinning Hair Look Thicker

Toppik can make thinning or fine hair look thicker.

Toppik™ is hair building fibers that is easy to apply and blend in your hair to make it look thicker and cover up any thinning areas. It's made of safe and natural keratin protein (just like what's in hair) that adheres to hair strands—meaning Toppik™ fibers aren't going to "shed" or blow away. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your hair color. Some people even use Toppik™ to cover up grey or white roots in between hair colorings!

So, here are some of the best tips to using Toppik™:

How to Apply Toppik™

Toppik™ comes in a little salt-shaker style bottle. Carefully shake a very small amount over the area of the scalp you want to cover. It's important not to use too much—a little goes a long way, and a lot ends up looking cakey. Best of all, Toppik™ lasts for a couple of days until you wash your hair—with very little (if any) touch-up.

Using Toppik™ with Hair Styling Products

Brush or comb your hair as you normally would. If you use hair spray, apply after Toppik™. If you use gel, apply that to your hair first. Let the gel dry before applying Toppik™ for best results.

But if you have longer hair and are using any other styling product that's only applied to the ends of your hair, you don't need to worry about applying it before or after Toppik™—just go ahead and style as you normally do. In fact, many people re-style their hair for a few days before washing Toppik™ out.

Deciding on Toppik™ Color to Use

Toppik™ offers 9 shades to closely match most people's hair color. Remember, you should try and match the color of your roots, not the ends of your hair (which often are lighter due to sun exposure). If you dye your hair, be sure to match to the color of the dyed hair closest to the roots.

People with darker hair or grey hair tend to find the colors closest to their shade work well. However, people with lighter-to-medium brown or dark blonde hair may find the shades run a bit dark. Easy solution? Buy 2 colors and mix them to get to the perfect shade for you.

However, if you have a mix of lots of grey and natural color hair, see the section below for even more specific tips.

What Color Should I Use if My Hair is Mostly Turning Grey?

Use this easy table to decide on the solution that works best for your situation:

Your Hair Color Situation Toppik™ Shade
Salt and pepper, evenly mixed Grey
Salt and pepper, but mostly white roots White
Salt and pepper, but mostly black hair Black
Brown, with grey roots

If you dye your hair brown and are in between colorings, use the shade of brown that most matches the color closest to the white or grey root.

If you don't dye your hair and have an even mix of grey and brown, you may want to try a shade of brown (or even a dark blonde) slightly lighter than the brown of your hair (rather than grey).

Blonde, with white or grey roots

If you dye your hair blonde and are in between colorings, use the shade of blonde that most matches the color closest to the white or grey root.

If you don't dye your hair and have an even mix of grey or white and blonde, you may want to try a shade of blonde slightly lighter than the blonde of your hair (rather than grey or white).

Will Toppik™ Run in the Rain?

Most people find they can safely withstand a light shower for a short period of time (such as going from your car into work, a store, or restaurant) without experiencing any streaking. Of course, to be extra safe, spritz with hairspray (for an extra "set") and keep an umbrella handy!

Will Toppik™ Rub Off on Clothes or Bedding?

Unless you're rubbing your scalp with your sleeve, Toppik™ will not adhere to your clothes. You can pull on clothing without worrying about Toppik™ staining your favorite sweater. People even wear caps or hats while using Toppik™.

Some people have reported that Toppik™ rubs off on pillowcases; others report no issues at all with the product staining bedding. Best tip: when first using Toppik™, use an old pillowcase. If you find Toppik™ rubs off for you, use dark color pillowcases or a washable sleeping cap.

Hair Regrowth is Possible
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