Thinning Hair
Thinning Hair

No one can stop hair loss completely. But you can have healthier, fuller and thicker hair while slowing down the rate of loss.


Natural Herbal Hair Loss Remedies
Recommended or Used Dosages
Type of Hair Loss
(Salvia officinalis)
Topical; cooking herb 37
Androgenetic Alopecia
Telogen Effluvium

How It Works & Evidence of Benefit
  • Contains phytoestrogens (e.g., beta-sitosterol). 37

  • Try as an herbal hair rinse—promotes hair growth and makes hair shinier (especially for dark hair). 37

  • Note: Taken or consumed orally, sage can interfere with iron absorption, an important mineral for hair growth.  37

  • Note: Herbalists advise that sage should not be taken during pregnancy, by nursing mothers, or by people with seizure disorders.37

Figure 36: Sage Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

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