Thinning Hair
Thinning Hair

No one can stop hair loss completely. But you can have healthier, fuller and thicker hair while slowing down the rate of loss.


Natural Herbal Hair Loss Remedies
Recommended or Used Dosages
Type of Hair Loss
(Vitis vinifera)
Food or Supplemental Form
Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Oil
Any, but may be particularly
beneficial for Telogen
and Cicatricial

How It Works & Evidence of Benefit
  • Grape seeds, fruit, skins, and even grape leaves contain high levels of beneficial antioxidant flavonoids such as quercetin, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) polymers, resveratrol, tannins, and fruit acids. 135

  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties—particularly helpful in cases of folliculitis decalvans, a type of cicatricial (permanent) hair loss that is prone to bacterial infections. 79

  • Grapes can help block free radical damage that contributes to hair loss. The OPCs in grape seeds and grape seed extracts are particularly potent antioxidants —50 times stronger than vitamin A and vitamin C135

  • Helps regulate the immune system response. 135

  • OPCs stimulate terminal hairs to move from telogen to anagen growth phase135

  • Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, a vital nutrient for hair. It can be used for cooking, as a supplement, and as a carrier oil for other essential herbal extracts and applied topically or used in other aromatherapy options. 37

  • Note: Be careful to avoid consuming too much grape juice and grapes if you are diabetic because of the sugar content. 37

Figure 24: Grape Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

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