Thinning Hair
Thinning Hair

No one can stop hair loss completely. But you can have healthier, fuller and thicker hair while slowing down the rate of loss.

Tips for Men

Just because you are a man does not mean you are immune to wanting to look good. It is a common misconception that men just accept their thinning hair without a worry — but one look at the number of hair replacements done or sales for minoxidil products or hair pieces specifically for men proves how important hair is to men too. 2, 9

While treating your hair loss there are some grooming tips just for guys that can help improve the appearance of thinning hair: 285-286

Get a cut that leaves the hair a little choppy on the top, or try going for the shaved look, which (according to GQ) can be an attractive option. (Be sure to use sunscreen!) Use the comb-over to disguise hair loss.
Leave it a little longer on top to disguise a receding hairline. Grow hair long in the middle of the scalp.
Go for a 2-inch cut to minimize bald spots. Go shorter than 2-inches — shorter hair allows light to shine through to your scalp. Unless, of course, you are going for the bald-is-beautiful look by shaving off all your hair.
Cut facial hair to match the shorter hair style. Try to make up for scalp hair loss with bushy facial hair.

Table 82: Hair Tips Especially for Men with Thinning Hair

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